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Oh boy… do I love a good challenge. Anything to get me thinking and moving mentally and physically is best described in three words: Bring it on! So when Monday kick started my second “21 Day Meditation Challenge” w/ Oprah and Deepak I was psyched. This one, I could not wait to explore: Expanding Your Happiness. Oh, goodie!


But in the wake of Day 1, news came that a man who brought so much joy to others was gone. Day 1 was about Finding Joy. News of Robin Williams passing made that so difficult to do. Why today? Why now? Just… why?

Robin Williams as Patch Adams

Robin Williams as Patch Adams

It had many of us asking that question. Why would someone who brought so much joy to others have trouble finding it? We may never know. That’s Robin’s enlightenment. I respect that. He left us with much to smile about. It was so easy to take his humor and spirit deep to the core. I know, that’s how I choose to remember him.

In a way, we all knew Robin. That’s what made us gravitate to him. But I don’t want ignore the fact that most of us (at one time or another) have battled upset, pain and sadness… some more than others and some deeper to a point we can’t even understand. After we ask ourselves “why” perhaps the bigger question we should address is “how”. How do we help each other in times like these?

Social media has been flooded with statuses, tweets and comments from people opening up about their own battles. A protective wall seemed to come down since his passing that has left many of us exposed and sharing an unselfish vulnerability. If the battles are not our own, we have offered our ears, our eyes, our hand and our heart… to be the there for others. Others we may not even know. Talk to someone. Talk to me. Just talk it out. Be heard. We can help one another. It’s amazing what a community can truly achieve when something so out of the ordinary strikes from out of nowhere. We start questioning. But questions are good. The challenge is not waiting for something like this to happen before we offer our hand or share. We must remember this sense of community and kindness.

As I continue to explore this journey with so many of you on the “21 Day Meditation” of Expanding Your Happiness, my thoughts go to empowerment. I have a desire to be empowering and inspiring. It boils down to one thing: share. In sharing we create community. Something we are doing through this experience with Deepak and Oprah… together.

Day 2 is about Feeling Inspired. The Centering Thought: I am filled with spirit. I woke up Tuesday morning and meditated before my feet even touched the floor. Gratitude moment followed by meditation. Seemed easy enough. But part of me wasn’t present. I kept asking that question. Why? I went about my day and decided to listen to the meditation again and realized I had forgotten something deeper yet so simple. I wasn’t present: “Meditation 101″ FAIL. I was focused too much on the fear of “why” rather than trusting that I don’t have to know tomorrow’s possible adversities. As Deepak shared, “To feel inspired is to step into the present experience unfettered by past disappointments and future fears.” Openness is here and now and there is wisdom in uncertainty. We just need to remind ourselves that tomorrow will come with or without us. When we have the intention to let spirit flow through us, we have taken the biggest step to expanding our happiness.

Robin Williams was a spark that touched, moved and inspired so many. His struggles don’t take away the light and spirit he left the world. But it should make us ask questions and listen. Just listen.

“No matter what people tell you, words & ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

With Love & Light

If you are interested in joining the FREE 21 Day Meditation Challenge visit

You are never alone. If you need help or need to talk to someone visit this site or call 1-800-273-TALK

I always encourage others to share. If there are other sites or numbers available for people to contact, don’t hesitate. Also, positive words are always welcome.

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