My journey on the road to health and happiness has come with it’s own bumps and bruises. After all, I’m human too! Finding balance is what has helped me thrive and it’s a large part of why I decided to become a holistic health coach.

I have a true desire to help others reach their goals and live a balanced life. 

For the past three years, I’ve been a cast/studio member of Daily Burn 365, the first ever live-streaming fitness show and community support program. It changed my life on so many levels and made me realize how much I want to help others on their own wellness journeys.

I am also a certified QVC guest host and work on-camera in the health and fitness division.  My expertise as a media personality has given me the opportunity to focus on health and wellness related topics. As the host of Seasons Eats!, I interviewed everyone from Registered Dietitians to chefs about shopping healthy for the home.  I also host and produce an online holisticI health series called Kitchen Cabinet Confidential that focuses on the medicinal benefits of everyday items you likely already have in your pantry.

My work as an online educator for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was the turning point for me. While there, I realized I wanted to connect with them on a higher level. And that meant officially getting certified as an Integrative Health Coach. So here we are! 

My goal is to serve others in the wellness world and be the guide by your side on the road to better health, happiness and harmony. 

For a free health history consultation and to learn more about my program,   EMAIL ME!

Be Well!  ~ Hilary